Urges and Technology

I had just one more thing to add to my previous posts about urges, as another email slid in through the wires when I opened up this morning's mail. A very close friend of mine wrote: "In ancient times couples rarely lasted this long, either women died in childbirth and men got a younger wife, or the man died hunting or battle. Maybe just going off for long hunts helped matters. A few months alone would probably do the trick, while he is wandering in the woods with the other guys. It would probably do everyone a little good." Touche! But wait, my husband doesn't hunt! OH NO! How about a photography expedition with the boys! Or, a painting expedition for me! Karen happens to be one of those friends who keeps me going and lifts my spirits.

So the key for now is sublimation sublimation sublimation. Art, shopping, friends, walks, and trying to make things better. Being positive. And buying electronic things.

I decicided when on vacation, that I need things that make my life easier and more productive, or more pleasurable. He he he..that leaves the door wide open for any number of things. I started with an IPOD. Now I have bought a set of cables that will allow me to hook it up to any stereo. I already am all set up in my classroom as I play it through my fab computer speakers in my classroom. Now I can plug it into my stereo system in my studio. I mean, how much better does it get? I can have music wherever I go! I need to investigate speakers now. If I could find a really good portable speaker, then I can have music again in my car. I checked one out for 60.00 by Alting Lansing, but I was a bit disappointed in the sound. I need to do some more homework before I start to make that kind of a purchase.

Then tonight I ordered a very cool phone/headset on Amazon by Plantronics. I am thrilled that I can have a little tiny phone that clips onto my pants, wear a headset and I can talk on the phone hands free, while doing the 10,000 other things that need to be done in my life. Maybe people will actually start to hear from me again. I don't spend much time on the phone these days because I can't sit still enough for any period of time to talk!

I am craving a laptop, and that might be my next major purchase after getting some more income from my business and paying off the few bucks left on my computer. Anyone have any suggestions???

I went downtown today to a lovely gift store with my cards and small paintings. I usually don't put my work on consignment, but I felt the need to be out in my community in a shop that supports local artists, is run by a professional, knowledgeable, and NICE woman. She loved my cards and wants some for May 1st. She even wants some from my bad girl and bad boy series.(oh boy, do I have fun making those..) She will also take a group of paintings when I have a few more done. She does radio advertising and told me she would run a blurb on having my work in her shop! I need to start getting my work out into the real world again vs. the virtual world. I think people need to see it to really get the quality and essence of my work. I have not ended my stores yet, but I think I will be carefully trimming them down some.

Off to pay some bills, make reservations for Seattle, and figure out what else I can do till I head up to bed. I have the DVD Memoirs of a Geisha. I have seen it, but Larry hasn't, and visually interesting enough to see again.

Plugged in,


Anonymous said…
I know a lot of artistic folks swear by the Mac laptops. All the Apple products seem to attract creative types. Me, I have an HP desktop that I'm more than happy to have, but sometimes I wish for a laptop with Photoshop!

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