I rarely have a morning like this, but I was so miserable while trying to get my act together to go to work. I could not find a thing to wear that suited my mood, I hated my hair, slammed it up in a quick bun, and stormed off to work.

Work proved just as difficult as it seemed that many of the kids were in the same mood. Agitated, cranky, tired, lazy.

After three coffees and a couple of classes under my belt, the day went a bit smoother.

Then I went to Marshalls to buy some t-shirts and summer shirts as yet ANOTHER one of my bags that contained my summer clothes has disappeared!!! (two years in a row that this has happened!!!!!) and came home aggrevated because out 16 or more shirts I tried on (and I had to pour through 1000s to find these) only 1 of them was right.
You know the gig---too short, too tight, too big, too itchy. We just want to look 30 again and it is getting harder and harder to find clothes that help.

But the evening ended nicely as Larry and I went to hear assemblage artist Lenny Kislin talk at the Woodstock Artist's Association . Lenny proved to be a fascinating story teller about his love for the objects he collects and his passion for transforming them into art. I related to what he was saying as I take paper that would normally be hidden away in a box somewhere and put it out into the world in a piece of art or craft. I too can remember the stories of some of the pieces that I use in my work....how I obtained them, who I was with.... So thanks Lenny for making me feel a bit more normal in my passion for collecting and making art, and thanks for the inspiration......love your work.

Off to bed...tonight is 13 years since Larry and I went on our first date. We normally don't celebrate this but Larry did this year. A beautiful dress, a nice dinner after an inspirational evening of art....and ?

hahaha....Patti 360

PS. THis postcard from the early 1900's was held over a fissure in a volcano in Hawaii and scorched. It was a thing that tourists did back then. Interesting factoid 732.


les said…
Hi Patti, thanks for your comment! Yes I do paint in oils and I do want to get into selling my daily paintings. I'm getting into a rhythm and it feels good. I really enjoy reading your blog. Laveque (i think thats how you spell his name) almost had to separate a fight today!

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