Speak Softly and Carry a Magic Mallet

It was the opening of the Farmer's Market in our little city in the Hudson Valley. I love strolling down the closed off street and buying things that I can't find elsewhere such as homemade quiche with salmon and leeks, or fabulous cheeses, black currant juice, plants. There was not much produce as the season is slow this year. (my peas are still only 6" tall, I only got one spinach plant, and not much is progressing in the garden), but to stroll and see old friends and feel the energy of an open market is always fun.

We got some more gardening done. At this time of the year the outside of the house always looks far better than the inside! The winter snows can hide a multitude of sins, so that we can concentrate on the inside, but spring/summer/fall is a time where most of my energy goes into making our small city plot a garden full of flowers and organic edibles.

Larry planted all of our cannas which are multiplying out of control. When we dig them out this fall (and they produce more tubers every fall) we should have a plant sale so WE don't have to store hundreds of them in the basement. They are from 80+ year old stock bulbs...every year for 80+ years someone has lovingly planted these bulbs, then dug them up after frost, and stored them in a basement. They were given to someone to gave them to someone who gave them to us..and we pass them on with the history of the bulbs. They are not native to this zone, so it is a bit of work to take care of them over the winter, but I LOVE having them as they fill large blank spots in the yard with their huge sculptural tropical leaves and red flowers. They are a presence and make a statement.

Later we went to Karen's party where I kicked EVERYONE's ass in croquet. For the longest time I was the last lonely ball on the field. I got mildly ribbed, and I figured it was OK as my ball was closest to the food and drinks.Then my time came...where magic overtook my mallet, Phil became my coach, and in one 5 minute sweep, I finished the entire course to an untouchable victory.

I smiled sweetly, waved my mallet in the air and headed for the food while my opponents shook their heads in disbelief, including my husband who is a VICIOUS player in the game.

Though we did not swim as the algae is being tenacious in its hold on the pool, we had a blast and five hours of being outdoors running around left me exhausted but smiling.

A great way to open up the summer season.

I must practice my Bocci throwing.

(photo of the cow skull that Karen hangs in her garden and is the yearly nesting grounds for sparrows)


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