Skeletons in my Closet

Now you REALLY think I am going to tell you about the skeletons in my closet? I am sure I have let a few out over the past year or so that I have written this blog. But I know you won't sleep unless I give you just one......BUT at the moment, I can't think of one story that would be appropriate. Add some more to the post retirement blog. (I will be taking sign ups for that soon...)

What I CAN tell you is that the photo of these skulls is from 1918, and was taken in Oahu Hawaii. Information about burial rituals of native Hawaiians can be found on this Hawaiian siteThe spirit resided in the bones, and there were different methods used to return the bones to the ground which enabled the spirit to depart, thus completing the cycle of life/death.

This is one of the photos I have been listing on Ebay. It has been a long time since I have done any listing, but this lot of goods REALLY interested me and it has been fun putting out some rare historic photos into the world.

I decided to also list some of my risque double-entendre collages. It has been a while since I have listed any art so it seemed like a good time to birth them. At the very least it has cost me a few dollars to advertise my artwork to the world for a week, no?

Oh, and I did indeed have another great dream last night-scenario: a huge sea resort, where I spent the evening in a hot tub eating chocolate (which melted and flowed out of the hot tub into a huge body of water...a chocolate lake) and if dawn did not come, I would have found my horses to ride along the beach... All I can say is, think me nuts, but it was a hell of a lot of fun!


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