Quick Morning Muse

Allergies are really kicking my ass. I got home late, Alanna got dropped off for the night, and after I got her to sleep at a late 9:30, I was unable to do much more than go to bed. Combine allergies with the fact that I am up awake these days as soon as the first bird sings.....

This is another one of Rob's cards and paintings. I love it.....the day lilies calling of hot days and swimming and the summer off. I can't wait.

Off to school. Yearbook is still not done, I have an art show for at our local community college and have to deliver the student's art by 4 PM, then to meet Jay at the Cafe in High Falls to pay him for my Bob Dylan tickets, then to Rhinebeck for my hair cut AND you KNOW Lois and I are heading out for a drink and a bite to eat at the end of a busy week.

My therapist is also back from a four month hiatis in the hospital...she nearly died and I am so glad that all is well. I am sure I will twist her head around a bit with what the last four months in my life has been.......and I guess it is time for a tune up. Thank God for blogging,art, and my friends!!!!

Have a great day...it is FRIDAY! Till later, Patti


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