Seven Deadly Facts

FIRST OF ALL I AM AN AUNT for the THIRD time today. My sister gave birth to Alex, at 8 lbs 10 oz. They are both amazing!

Well this is a first. Amber Dawn, a good internet artist friend of mine tagged me. I have never been tagged, but I guess I am supposed to follow the rules of the game. So here are the rules, several of you that I have links on my blog to, will be tagged, but I don't have 7 people to pass this too I like to play games, and hope that those whom I tag will play along. Let me know if you do, as I LOVE to learn about friends.

Here are the rules…. each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

Now this is really hard for me as I have lots of interesting facts and habits, many of which I cannot post here. Some of you would crack up, some be appalled, some perhaps freaked (you know you have them too) so I have to behave myself. That will be for the blog and book I write AFTER I retire from working in the public sector.

Factoid No. 1- speaking of games. I have NEVER played spin the bottle. I have always wanted to and sometimes amuse myself by thinking of who I would invite to a special party and play the game with. Yes Larry, you are invited. Want to make a list with me? hahaha. Nor have I ever played strip poker. As I get older, that becomes less appealing.

Factoid No. 2- In order to sleep, I must sleep on my right side, somewhat curled up in a fetal position. There are times that Larry wants me to turn the other way, but I don't last long before I have to say goodbye and turn my back on him.

Factoid No. 3- I have an extrememly acute sensitive sense of smell. Bad smells can last a week or the smell of a bun on the street or a goat. I have blogged about that before. But so do good smells too. I have a funny story to go with that but I don't think I can tell that here. OH and I LOVE TO SMELL MY ART SUPPLIES. That was also in another blog.....

Factoid 4- Every single day I put on some deliciously scented lotion. One for my face, one for my body. Preferably something organic, natural and homemade. And it has to smell good. I like to surround myself with an aura of good smells. It helps keep the bad ones out.

Factoid 5- Many times I wear the same clothes on monday that I wore all day on sunday. (not the undies or socks--ok?!) It helps me ease into the work week and there is something cozy and comfy about that. And slightly decadent and evil.

Factoid 6- I do NOT write or make art when others are around. I despise it. Larry knows to ask if I am writing on the computer. If so, he stays on the other side of the door. He only pops his head into my studio once in a while. I am extrememly private when it comes to that. Cats and dogs don't count.

Factoid 7- I am addicted to potato chips and sour cream. And Bugles. Good thing I only buy it once in a while because I could devour the entire bag and container of sour cream. Larry knows that I also can't or won't eat chili and beans and rice without the sour cream. I plain refuse.

So there you go..the safe ones. Hope you got a chuckle.

Here are the people I am going to tag....I only have a few, and they might not respond, but here goes...

Mary Beth Shaw
Bardet Wardell
Judy Vars - Cabin Fever in Alaska
Lisa Cook

Their links can all be found on my blog. I would make them but I MUST get off to sleep now.

And tonight's picture is my neice Helena and her dog Becky.

Ciao for now! Patti


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