Two Lips

An appropriate card for the season. Tulips, two lips, ah it is spring and either kind is a good thing to have. I am close to ending this long day of work and dealing with family illness and issues, and am thinking that a nice warm bath will loosen all the jams in my head and the stress in my body.

I need to recharge and I look forward to another evening of a deep sleep. I travel far in my dreams and go on great adventures. I look forward to these journeys and often feel like I live another life when I sleep. I believe anything is possible and these epic tales and travels are just another part of me, in another space or plane. The really strange part is when they cross over into my waking life and vica versa. Sort of like living in a constant state of deja vu.

I am sure some of you are shaking your head wondering what the hell I am talking about. She must have gotten into the wine again you think..are they REALLY morels that she is eating? Well never mind, it is just the ramblings of a type A highly creative person whose brain never stops, and I love every moment of the alternative worlds I create. Next stop.......?


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