I am getting a bit punchy right now. I just posted a rather intense Meganaid blog and I don't have much left.

Don't ask why all of a sudden I thought about Monty Python and the Holy Grail, where the Knights of Ni want Shrubbery. (you have to know the movie to understand this drivel...)SHRUBBERY in that high pitched accented voice. SHRUBBERY.

I just ripped out all my shrubbery (for your information) in the front of my house. It looks rather naked now, but the shrubbery was overtaking my modest home. I will find some less imposing plants, and am done with the shrubbery for now.

Tonight's vegetation is a photo I took of a dock in Mystic CT quite a while back. The film sat buried in my car for years and got rather grainy. I quite like it. No photoshop in this photo!

Here's to keeping your shrubbery under control, Patti


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