The Garden of Distraction

Beethoven's Fur Elise (sorry, I don't know how to put the umlauts in over the u in fur) is playing on WHMT. I smile for a moment, remembering how I tried to play that piece over and over again on my father's piano. My mother never complained, though I suspect she may have been in some sort of altered state and did not hear me.

My father, who was the authoritarian in the house, would never give me lessons, and my parents spent their life ignoring their eldest child's talents, passions, and dreams.....

By that being said, I am lucky that I have several avenues in which to sublimate my anxiety, my sorrow, and my frustrations. My first choice is always my studio, but a close second is working in my yard, making installation art with my gardens and sculptural pieces.

I spent a good part of the afternoon in the warm spring sun weeding and mulching different parts of my gardens. I have many small gardens which meander through my small city lot. Many house a sculpture within, and a special plant. Fairy Candles, poppies, a Japanese maple, pink miniature lilacs, iris and lilies of all kinds.

Some of my gardens consist of the plants that survive the erratic Catskill Mountain winters and the deer, and I have allowed nature to form the beds. Cottage gardens is how I describe my property as I failed the formal garden school.

This year the larkspur have established themselves in half of my lettuce garden. They are so hardy that I dare not disturb them. Dill is emerging around them and sprouts of peas climb the fence and netting that keeps the deer out. The spinach is beginning to sprout, and I pray every night for a touch of rain. The larger garden is awaiting the tomatoes, peppers and zucchini, but it is still not safe to put them in as a frost is forecast for tomorrow night. The local farmers are worried as the corn is in and up high, and could be taken down with one good frost.

I take great pride in my gardens which are nurtured with passion, love, joy, and sorrow. During each foray in the gardens I rejoice in the beauty of the earth and the gift that our higher power has given us.

To the gift of the beauty of nature......

The first photo is my wild columbine that grow along one side of my house, and the other is my scarecrow against the forsythia. He needs a new outfit, but has been a great part of my garden these past few years.


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