The Gazing Ball

I have always wanted a gazing ball. Back in the 1960's the backyards of my neighbors in Long Island sparkled with these mercury glass like spheres. Magenta, teal, silver. I was entranced by their beauty; they were like large Christmas balls that people put outside to celebrate summer.

For Mother's Day Larry bought me a silver one. He wanted to place it where I could see it from my studio window.

I joked with him and said.."when I am in my studio I am working, I am not staring out the window!"

He put the ball outside my window anyway, between the rhodadendron and the little "Zen" garden.

Today, for the first time in a week or more, I spent some time in the studio listening to an eclectic mix of music and working on some projects. As always I was deep in thought while designing and producing, when I stared out my picture window into the yard. There stood my gazing ball...reflecting the life around it.

I smiled. I felt soothed by my childhood memories and this silvery orb inspired wonder, innocence and magic.

I wish that I could see answers in this magic ball. I wish it gave me the meaning of life, love and happiness. But as I mused, a Mona Lisa smile crossed my lips. That answer is deep within ME, and that all that this magic ball reflects is what stands in front of it.....

To magic and finding truth from within


David Zimmerman said…
They are, of course, flamingo eggs

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