The Secret life of Ms. P.A.

I started writing a blog about the process of being middle aged and stumbling upon all kinds of amazing discoveries about life and one's self. It got rather thick and sticky and even a tad bit maudlin.

So I stopped writing, went out to the studio, and sat down with the FULL intention of making more cards for my client who is my BEST customer ever.

As usual, I got sidetracked, and began making bricolages. Paraphrased from my favorite online dictionary...Bricolage is art made from existing materials.. a bricoleur is person who makes bricolages, and is creative and resourceful: a person who collects information and things and then puts them together in a way that they were not originally designed to do."

So, into the surreal and twisted world of P.A. we go, down, down, down till you can't get any lower, where every word has a double meaning, children have dog heads and crickets ride on the backs of mice.

As I dig in the detritus in my studio, words from an antique children's book are rearranged, and images leap onto old bingo cards and paintings. Out of nursery rhymes comes Nursery Crimes, where women tempt men and women, a world where men hold hands, and anything else that they please.

It is a place where I find refuge, and recharge. It is a world that I can live out my fantasies and muse on the state of our world. It a part of me that I absolutely adore. It is a part that has been criticized by some, and has even cost me relationships because though I try and keep it all under wraps, it spills out into the "normal world" from time to time.

So instead of lovely cards for my client, I have started a series of little bricolages, that make me laugh. And perhaps even a few of you. I can't get great detail with blogger pics, but there are lots of little phrases poling around on the cards.

The top one is titled Shad Bush, and the bottom is titled "I'm Coming on Wings".

In humor which saves us all, Patti


Judy V. said…
I loved reading your blog your blog tonight your writing and bricolages are fascinating. What do those "normal" people know anyway.
a little crazy in Alaska

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