Wild Blossoms

I was supposed to go plein air painting with Rob after school, but nature did not cooperate. We had to call off our original plan, but I took a trip down to see him and the new paintings he has done in spite of his being quite ill.

Comfortably tucked deep in his old soft leather chair, I was surrounded by canvases that were heavily textured with white and pink blossoms. I gazed upon fields of apple blossoms that were full of light and life. I am sure the blossoms are gone now, especially with the heavy rains that passed through, but I got to experience them through his eyes.

Tonight's photo is one of the three cards he has had printed up that I will be carrying on my eBay site, or directly through me. It is titled "Wild Blossoms". I will post the other two on another blog. He is having a show at the ASK Gallery in July in coordination with the Sculpture Biennial in Kingston, so those of you who are local should come down to see his work at that first saturday opening. It promises to be a good party, a FABULOUS SHOW, and I will even make a rare appearance! (I have been keeping a low public profile these days)

You can visit Rob's work at ARTROOF

Still smelling blossoms, Patti


Judy V. said…
OMG What a beautiful art. I wish I could be at that opening.
Smelling Blossoms in Alaska

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