Foot Trauma Part Deux

It is a few months short of two years since I had major surgery to repair my broken tibia, fibia, and some other bone that I pulverised in a fall. I was traumatized by the entire experience. The fall, the crunch, unbelievable pain, swelling, emergency room docs, needles, morphine, setting the bones, casting, and surgery three days later. Waking up twice during surgery. The insane pain for months.

At my last doc's appointment she said, "whatever you do, don't get in ingrown nail." NO PROBLEM I thought, never had one, never will.

NOT. About a month ago I experienced a very painful infection, and today, I had to deal with minor surgery to remove part of the nail and dig out all kinds of debris which was in my foot post infection.

My foot is still numb. They shot me with so much Novocaine that I can't feel half of my leg. I am limping, and this is all too reminiscent of a my prior trauma.

I had agita most of the day over this, the docs gave me a 2 mg Valium which was a joke, and here I sit, sipping wine wondering what the heck I am going to feel like when the anesthetic wears off.

At one point I felt rather guilty about my anxiety, as I thought about all that Megan has gone through. Again, a reality check.

I know that the throbbing will end. I will take good care of this and I will be OK. And the doc assured me that by now all the metal in my leg is part of my leg and it won't attract any infection enough to kill me.

With that comfort I am heading upstairs. I am full of good red wine and Hagen Daas ice cream and hope to get a good night's sleep.

PS I was going to show some really gross post surgical foot photos, but I thought that the view from my back porch was much more appealing!!!!


Judy V. said…
Thanks for not showing the photos
hee hee

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