A Gift to Myself

For the first time all year, I took 1/2 a personal day for myself today. I take time for everyone else but so rarely take time for me.

At noon I left and headed straight for the nursery and bought my lettuce, herbs and tomatoes. I put on the least amount of clothes that are legal for a middle aged woman to wear while gardening, and dug, fertilized, and planted most of my plants. My daughter and her toddler came over, we hooked up the sprinkler, filled the baby pool, and all proceeded to dance and run though them---clothes and all. The sun was shining strong, it was a clear blue sky, it was in the 80's, and I thought "It just doesn't get better than this."

Afterwards my friend made me and a few other of my coworkers dinner, and we had a GREAT MEAL and laughed the entire time.

I am back home, sneezing up a storm. I can't breathe, but I am smiling. I have a bit of color, and I am once again grounded by my work in the garden and gratified by my using the earth and plants to create outdoor art with.

Oh, and I got a check from my consignment shop which is selling my cards.

It is all good.

Tomorrow I am going to check out Sudafed. I hear that and coffee might get me though the round morning patches. Hmmm......


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