Vacooters and Pusabits

Preface: the other day my friends and I were talking about how as children most of us were never taught the proper names for our genitalia. We had all kinds of nicknames for them. Many parents today choose to use the correct terms. I live in both worlds. It still has never felt 100% comfortable to say penis or vagina but it sure doesn't sound as silly as some of the other names we have called our "private parts".

Fast forward to tonight: I was giving Alanna a bath. I told her to wash her hiney. She washes and says,"I washed my back hiney." I told her to wash her vagina too. She looked and me and said THAT IS MY COOTER. I looked, and shook my head in disbelief. I guess that is what her mom calls it, and I just said, "ok, it is also a vagina." She looks at me and says.."it's my va .... va.... vacooter!" I almost howled.

Then I had a flashback about how my brother and I came up with a nickname for penis--- it was (now are you ready for this.......) a PUSABIT. We had that code word and it was safe because my parents knew that my brother was always making up inventive words and names, so it was one of many.

One day we are all in church, and the priest is giving a sermon and says "In your BOSOMS" which to us little kids sounded like "PUSABITS" and we looked at each other, and got hysterical. Of course you KNOW we got the look of death and immediately stopped laughing....but I never EVER forgot it.

Here's to Vacooters and Pusabits, may they all be healthy and strong!

PS Spell check had a field day with this posting,and I had one with photoshop and a card I had made.....


Judy V. said…
LOLhehehehe In love your last three posts.
megan said…
I can't even tell you how hard I just laughed when I read this mom! We call it her cooter because she couldn't say vagina and cooter sounds innocent enough...and I never remember you calling it my vagina, you always said "tushie", which confused me later in life, cuz your tushie is your butt.

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