I have not been in the mood to write much. Lots to say, no energy to say it. I was severely hormonally challenged this weekend and feel like the volcano in this picture. I REALLY REALLY wish I had a little cabin in the woods, where at times like these, I could tuck myself away for a few days, with some food, my paints, a few books and my Ipod of course. Sort of like when Lon Chaney was locked up as he was turning into the wolf man!!!

I did spend a lot of time working on my computer doing maintenance, and getting small projects done on the house. It took me hours to get 3 gb of hard drive space back, and I had to delete a lot of file and programs to do it!

We have torn all the wallpaper off the kitchen walls, and it is a slow process to wipe the excess paste off, wash the walls and woodwork down. When we moved the fridge and stove I was appalled how much dust and dirt there was under them! So the floors had to get scrubbed down too. There is the spackling, priming, and then painting. I have a color idea - the small entry way will be a deep red to flow into the beautiful runner we have in the hall, and I am envisioning a glowing orange/gold for the kitchen. I have such a color in my bathroom and it is rich and glows in any light. I obsess about color in my house...the outside painting scheme almost made me crazy!!!!

I have also been back working on selling things on ebay as that will be one of the ways I will get rid of my excesses and sell some of my artwork this summer. The antique Hawaii photos have been doing really well, especially the ones of skulls and Shriners etc. I have quite a few left to list, and the photo for tonight's blog is a real photo which has been toned from the early 1900s...of an erupting volcano in Hawaii. I have learned so much just be reading the backs of the photos.

Off to make 9 PM at night. It will be LIGHT. Till tomorrow, xxpatti o


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