Beautiful Light

This is the third of the card designs that I have of Rob's. Even though it is a scene with cursed SNOW, it is so beautiful that I did not mind posting it.

I saw a similar view tonight as I crossed the Hudson River. The clouds were a dark blue ahead of me over the river and east banks, while the sun was setting behind me, casting brilliant light over the trees which glowed a rich full Crayola green against the navy sky.

I kicked myself again for not having the camera. I have been too preoccupied with other things in my life these days to remember much of anything except to take my ipod where ever I go....

I joke about how much I love my ipod. In fact, Alanna said to Larry "don't touch Mimi's IPOD!! It is the mini transporter that provides me with amazing amounts of music and moods where ever I go. I listen to music in order to quiet the perseverating thoughts and conversations that run ceaslessly in my hyperactive mind...I get too far in sometimes and the music puts me in another space. And, when I am alone, I love to sing along with Joni and Sarah and Beth..... It is a carefree and wonderful time.

Off to bed. I need to get to sleep earlier since I seem to be waking up pre 5 AM.
If it continues, I may consider getting up and painting or making art along with sipping my first cup of coffee. I will have to readjust my life for a bit.....

To being friday night, and to a schluck of cherry brandy before retiring! xxp


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