Back in the Garden

A quick blog as I am getting ready to get into my concert gear and head up to Woodstock.

Going to Woodstock is a trip. You never know who you might run into at the Theater, or in town for that matter. I love dressing keeps people wondering..who might THAT be? I think it is a leather night....and I think I am going to keep it all black. Or jeans and black. I don't get to go out for an evening of music often, so I like to make it as fun as possible.

Tonight Dar Williams is doing another evening of a concert and a live recording. I am looking forward to the partying and going to a venue which is really really cool.

Off to dress, and will report back tomorrow.

Oh, and my fabulous pedestal in my garden, needing to be leveled and have some sculpture or plant grace it soon.

till the morning, Patti


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