Still Thinking of the Soldiers

I raced to the grocery store after work to buy some food so that I could make dinner for Megan, her friend Sunshine, and Alanna of course. We had a lovely dinner, just us girls, nice organic salad, pasta and sauce, garlic bread and dark chocolate KLONDIKE BARS!!!! Oh and a nice bottle of red wine.

Megan's boyfriend Dole is in the desert of California where it is 114 degrees, in training for his future deployment to Iraq. Sunshine, a sweet 19 year old friend of Dole's and Megan' also alone. Her fiance was deployed in early April. They got married by the Justice of the Peace before he left, and plan a "real" wedding at the Mohonk Mountain House (for the 10th time---one of my favorite places in the universe...) when he comes back.

I looked at these two young in love with their men, and so lonely without them. I of course, being hardened with time and VERY independent, told them that they will live, and to enjoy their lives without the men around while they can, but I still smiled remembering how hard it was to be away from my boyfriend for a long period of time.

I pray that angels will travel with these boys. I pray that a miracle will happen and President Bush will have a REAL epiphany and realize that Jesus would not condone what he is doing.

I pray that people will stop propogating hate and violence in the world.

I used tonight's photo on Megan's blog once I believe. She said that in order to catch up on sleep, the soldiers would put their dog tags on their eyes to block out some of the intense light. It looks too macabre and too much like death for my likes.

May our soldiers be safe and have love to keep them strong.

In peace, Patti


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