House Aunt

I cannot call myself a house wife as I don't have a husband here, so I guess house aunt will be good enough. I have transported Helena to her events and practices, made sure the animals are fed and happy, kept the sink and dishwasher empty, and the floor swept of the days detritus.

I have enjoyed spending time with my 12 year old neice, going out to dinner, playing scrabble, talking, reminiscing about the folk art Halloween doll that I sent to the girls a few years ago that gave Helena nightmares. Peter had to take it to his office as it scared the bejeezus out of Helena, and my sister said "I am NOT giving my children that doll!" It became Peter's office mascot as the adults thought it was really cool, and when I gave Helena a little gift of a fairy when I arrived, she looked at it and breathed a sigh of relief and said, "ah, at least she is not scary".

I have spent some time driving around the town, pleased as punch that I have not been nervous nor gotten lost in my trips to the school, the hospital, the deli and dance school. I am working my way up to leaving Pelham and finding Trader Joes on my next visit. Before you know it I will be driving into the city!!!!

I went to visit my sister and little Alex today. She looks great and moved her room into this very posh hotel-like room that the local hospital has for an extra fee. Except for the hospital bed, it is quite nice, with a large screen TV, a bathroom bigger than mine at home, and it is quiet, warm, and luxurious. I was a bit jealous and wanted to stay the night there. Perhaps rooms should be like that for the terminally ill and dying, so that you can leave this life in style. It sure is a nice way to come into the world!

Here are pics of Alex, little Eva, and my sister and Helena. I know no one wants to see my family pics, how boring is that to strangers, but I share them as I love them and hold them close to my heart as I hold you all.

I am tired, I have been up at 5:30 each morning, and need a nap before Helena comes back from rehearsal. I suspect I will return home tomorrow when Mary comes home with the baby...and I will quiety let the family settle in and welcome Alex into his new home.

This time away with my family has been quite lovely and as I grow older I cherish it more deeply then ever. Patti


Heather! said…
Hi again Patti.. it's Heather from Seattle Children's hospital. I got tagged by Amber too & hope that as soon as I add my 7 you will get a chuckle about my quirks! Hang in there & talk to you soon.... Heather!!
megan said…
why do all babies look the same when they're born? he is adorable, I love Eva's hair now, it got so long! Alanna and I are eating breakfast before we start the day, we shall enjoy the sunshine outside...

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